Wedding flowers- To splurge or not to splurge?



Happy Monday friends!!! How beautiful was this past weekend, Dallasites? When the weather starts warming up, the trees start blooming and your flowers start sprouting you know spring is right around the corner here in Texas.  You know what spring has us dreaming about? WEDDING SEASON!! It has already begun and we are loving our 2018 weddings so far, yall!

Today we are talking about the often dreaded question of whether to splurge or not on your wedding flowers.  We recently read that a large percentage of brides regret not spending more on their wedding flowers when it’s all said and done. Which brings us to our blog post of the day.  There is nothing worse than regretting something about your wedding day! I mean obviously, we are big fans of wedding florals and might be just a liiiiiiiittle biased but we truly believe they can make or break your big day. So below we decided to highlight the top five reasons to splurge on your wedding day flowers:

Personalize your venue space and customize it to your unique style

You may be getting married at a unique location like your parent’s backyard or a legit warehouse downtown but more likely than not you’re celebrating your big day at a venue that specializes in weddings, like every week. Your wedding flowers and decor are going to be that key element to differentiate your wedding from the one that happened at that exact location the week before and even sometimes the night before! Are you more natural? Boho? Traditional? Whimsical? Romantic? Your flowers are going to be the best and easiest way to express your style and individuality. Get to know your floral designer and make sure they understand your vision so they can really customize your wedding to represent you and your fiancé.


Flowers formalize your celebration from a party to a wedding.

Probably most dinner parties you go to have one maybe two floral arrangements on the table and I’m sure you’ve been to some charity events with centerpieces and cocktail arrangements galore. BUT only at a wedding are there bouquets, boutonnieres, floral arches and even flowers on a cake. I mean, have you ever heard of a FLOWER GIRL attending anything other than a wedding? Flowers make the difference, yall!

Upgrade your wedding photos.

If you’re reading this and considering splurging on your florals bet you’re also splurging on your photographer. We back you up 100%! There is nothing more important than good wedding photos, seeing as chances are you’ll be in a bridal fog all night and will need the photos for evidence of everything you may have missed. Again, we’re biased, but we think flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, etc.) are the most perfect addition to any and all wedding photos. How much do you love a good shot of some gorgeous bridesmaids with all their bouquets or even a wide shot of a reception with all the incredible floral detail on the tables. Florals add value to your photography investment, we can guarantee it!



Wow your guests!

Who doesn’t love a grand floral moment? Get married under an arbor with cascading roses, hang a floral arrangement OVER the head table, deck out a stairwell with greenery or even set a trend with a floral toss during your grand exit. Use your flowers to give something your guests to talk about the next day.  We guarantee that your floral designer will love a good challenge, ask them to create a unique floral installation for your big day.



No one has ever said there were too many flowers at a wedding

We can’t back this statement up with actual evidence but it’s gotta be true! There have never been too many flowers anywhere, ever.


Assuming that these tips have convinced you that splurging on your wedding day flowers is a great idea, there is no need to freak out if your floral budget is locked and there’s no room to budge. Our friends at Zola have an option where you can set up a cash fund within your registry for your wedding flowers! How amazing is that?

Also, don’t forget that traditionally the groom’s family pays for the bridal bouquet, all boutonnieres, corsages, and often time church flowers which is helpful in making room in your budget for those over the top show stoppers!

Until next time friends, we hoped you enjoyed this post today!