Friday Favorites // Cream City Ribbon

Happy Friday! It’s super gloomy here in Dallas today, but the city is awake and buzzing with dreams of a Dallas Cowboys win on Saturday! We’re huge Cowboys fans in the Harris household so the excitement leading up to this weekend is starting to feel like Christmas all over again! It also happens to be my hubby’s birthday weekend so he’s actually heading out to LA for the game so we’re really going to need them to pull a W! GO COWBOYS!

Before we start tailgating I have to share with ya’ll a little gem of a company we found recently- Cream City Ribbon! Ya’ll know me and how much I love nature and keeping all things respectful for mother earth, well this company is right there with me. These 100% cotton ribbons are eco-friendly can be re-used, recycled AND composted! That is seriously taking good care of our earth.

It’s not only flowers we work with, it is kind of surprising the many uses a florist has for ribbons too. Whenever people come by the studio they are shocked by our bookcase filled with ribbons. We wrap every boutonni√®re with it, every wedding bouquet is wrapped and sometimes tied with ribbons, and we always love to gift our brides and clients with special treats which need ribbon too! When Cream City sent us some of their goodies we jumped at the chance to try it out!

Check out all the fun things we used this versatile ribbon on in the pics below!