Friday Favorites // Bridal Portraits

Happy Friday! Anyone else out there still recovering from the long 4th of July weekend? We had a great weekend with friends and family on the lake in Arkansas, lots of BBQ, boating, sunshine and of course sparklers!  We sure did celebrate and we’re finally getting caught up on some wedding lovelies.

I love getting to work with a bride for her bridal shoot, it gives us a chance to do a trial with the bouquet and make sure everything is just right. For the bride, it’s such a perfect opportunity to make sure the dress fits and the glam is on point. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get an extra day to strut your stuff in your gorgeous wedding gown.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite bridal portrait shoots we’ve worked on. When I work with a bride on her bridals, more often than not we create the same style bouquet as we’re doing for the wedding. Sometimes though, brides want to mix it up and try other styles, add some flowers to her hair or even go for a floral crown. We’ve even designed florals for our bride’s furry friends (see below).Your bridal photo shoot is yours and we love how our brides let their personalities shine in these featured photos.

We’re always curious about great photo shoot locations, where did you take your bridal portraits?


Photography: Dyan Kethley // Bride: Courtney

Photography: The Tarnos // Bride: Ashley

Photography: Dyan Kethley // Bride: Alex

Photography: Allen Tsai // Bride: Katy

Photography: Stephanie Rose // Bride: Laura

Bride: Kelly

Bride: McKinley

Photography: Jennifer Gold // Bride: Elise

Photography: Jennifer Wilson // Bride: Sabryna

Photography: Jennifer Wilson // Bride: Amber

Photography: Charla Storey // Bride: Jill