2018 Bouquet Round-up // Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!! Today feels like spring and we are doing everything in our power to ignore that little cold front they say is coming in. For now, we are sitting outside and dreaming about warmer days ahead.

We’re half way through February and we have spent the last few weeks looking back on some of the bouquets we made last year. Some are from styled shoots and some are from real life brides but all of them are unique. I almost don’t want to call these our favorites because I love every single bouquet we’ve made, so that’s why we’re calling this a roundup! I also have to call it Friday Favorites because I love an alliteration and it’s fun!

Bouquets are the perfect compliment to a bridal gown, adds a pop of color or a bit of texture and give the bride something to do with her hands when nerves might set in. We take our job very seriously when it comes to making a bouquet and that moment when we get to hand it over to our brides makes us beam with joy. Without further ado, please take a look at some of our proudest work. Let us know what your favs are!


Leeann Funk Photography

Megan Kay Photography

Catie Ann Photography

Payge Stevens Photography

Jenny Martell 

Lightbox Photography

Stephanie Rose Photography

Allen Tsai Photography

Emily Chappell Photography

Elisabeth Carol Photography

Erin Wilson Photography

Sarah Kate Photography

Kate Pease Photography

Allen Tsai Photography

Ellen Ashton Photography

Shannon Skloss Photography

Natalia Florencio