New Prices for 2011 & 2012

Yay I just registered TODAY on the as a florist, my floral design classes are amazing, and I just registered as a florist last week with American Agro, the leading wholesale flower market in Dallas…I would say things here at RLove designs are very prosperous….God has blessed us this year, and we are extremely grateful!!!!!!

I have been putting this topic off for quite awhile because I have been …well interested in designing beautiful wedding flowers and saving my friends $$$ more so than making money for myself.  But it has become inevitable that prices will have to increase this year at RLove designs, as our team grows, so does our ability to create beautiful yet affordable wedding flowers!!!

If you have already booked your wedding, or spoken to me about an upcoming date these prices will not effect you.  However these new wedding prices will go into effect beginning March 2011. So book NOW to take advantage of the 2011/2012 portfolio specials!!

                                           2011/2012 RLove Design Wedding Floral Prices
                                                               Bridal Bouquets $50-200
                                                            Bridesmaid bouquets $30-75
                                                          Boutonnieres & Corsages $12-45
                                                            Toss Away bouquets $ 20-50
                                                         Reception centerpieces $40-150
                                                               Pew flowers $10-40
                                                         Flower girls/Petals $20-35
                                                            Cake Flowers $10-100

                          An additional 20-30% labor fee will be configured depending on the size and needs of your wedding.  All payments payed with a credit card will be subjected to the standard Texas sales tax of 8%.

****These are base prices, and will of course be negotiable.  Keep in mind that the more exotic or rare a flower is the more expensive your wedding will cost.  Try to incorporate flowers that are in season and easily found at local flower markets.