Happy Earth Day!!

Hey flower friends!

How are we all doing? We hope everyone is safe, healthy and staying sane during all of this.  It’s time like these that we all need a little something to celebrate and today we are thrilled to promote healthy living and celebrate Mother Earth! We’ve been making it a goal to get outside everyday during this quarantine and today we want to share with you some of the ways we like to connect to nature. Join us on this Earth Day (or everyday) and go check out your outdoor space:

  •  Get outside and simply enjoy mother nature. Smell, feel and breathe in that sweet air.   
  • Take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass
  • Do a grounding yoga flow in your backyard  
  • Play photographer and take pictures of the pretty flowers around your home
  • Plant some flowers, herbs or seeds.

Here is an easy gardening activity, if you’re trying to entertain some kiddos they will love this! Hunter and I planted sunflower seeds into recycled cardboard egg cartons. I prefer to buy cardboard egg cartons instead of styrofoam (which is not biodegradable) and you can add these directly into the ground.

Easy Earth Day seed planting activity: 

1. Fill egg cups half way with fresh soil (bonus: add some used coffee grounds if you’ve got em) 
2. Add 1-2 larger seeds or 4-5 smaller seeds into each cup, and cover with soil.
3. Place inside a waterproof container near a window or outside on the patio.  Water your seeds regularly keeping a couple centimeters of water in the dish.  4. Once the seeds are strong enough, cut each cup and move them to another container,  when the plants are 4-5 inches tall you can place directly into the ground.  No need to take out of the egg container because it will biodegrade into your garden.