Friday Favorite // Floral Crowns


Flower crowns have been worn for centuries and have been an important part of floral and fashion history.  It all started when Julius Cesar made the laurel leaf crown famous, then back in medieval times floral crowns were worn to celebrate May Day, cut to Shakespeare’s Ophelia, who adorned the crown and flowers in her hair. Freida Kahlo popularized them in Mexico by always rocking one and in Polynesia, they are given as gifts to friends and family. Beyonce donned some in 2016 and since we all bow down to Queen Bey, we’re still very much on the floral crown train.

Your super boho, music festival loving college roommate may have thought she started the floral crown wedding trend back in 2012, but she was most definitely not the first! Queen Victoria, during the Victorian era, wore one to wed Prince Albert in 1840 making them very popular in Europe and thus beginning the wedding trend.

It’s obvious why we all love floral crowns, they are a symbol of love, and celebration all over the world and definitely the best accessory a girl can have. We still love a wedding day floral crown moment, whether it’s on the bride, her bridesmaids or even the flower girl!

Charla Storey Photography

Rachel Elaine Photography

Charla Storey Photography

Does a boho floral crown clash with your traditional country club wedding vibe?  Ditch it on wedding day and try one for your bridal portraits!

Charla Storey Photography

Stephanie Rose Photography

Host a Champagne and Crowns class for your gal pals and sport them at your bachelorette party.

Or gift one to your bestie (and her baby) for her bridal or baby shower .

Nicole Berrett Photography

Who doesn’t want to look extra beautiful with a floral crown for your maternity shoot?

Kristen Dee Photography

Pups can be floral too, why not give them a beautiful fresh collar?

Kristen Dee Photography

Kristen Dee Photography

The opportunities are endless and don’t have to be just for wedding day..or snapchat filters ;p

Are you on the floral crown train now? Say hello if you’re interested in hosting your very own Champagne and Crowns class for you and your flower friends at the location of your choosing!