Favorite Fridays // Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Ya’ll! There is a new neutral in town and we’re obsessed with it. Some of our bridesmaids have been sporting the icy/slate blue dresses and this color seriously looks good on everyone. There are so many different shades of this gorgeous color so there are many different ways to make this dress work for your gals. We just love how well they photograph and literally every shade of flower works so well with them! You can do a white floral, some brights or even just greenery and this icy blue is the most perfect backdrop.

Brides, if you’re trying to figure out how to dress your ladies for your big day give this versatile color some thought. We are so on board for this new trend! See some of our slate blue loving brides and their besties below:

Jenny Martell Photography

Sarah Kate

Southern Mae Photography

Anna Smith Photography

Alba Rose Photography

Ellen Ashton Photography