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It’s a glorious day and our most favorite time of year! It’s officially wedding season, it’s time for flowy bridal gowns, colorful flowers, stunning bridal parties and glowing brides and grooms! We love to feature all the gorgeous weddings we get to do on our blog but what we often forget to talk about is the not so glamorous, often stressful side of weddings—-the planning!

The first question we often get from our brides and grooms is, “is it too early/late for me to be booking my florist?” We get it, it’s confusing! Should you have the venue before you have the photographer? Should I book the band before I’ve found my dress? Yall, WeddingWire has created the most helpful vendor booking timeline ever to help answer all these questions! This little guide is so helpful, we thought we’d share it with everyone along with a list of some wedding planning do’s and don’ts, and planning advice from your florist.



-DO make sure your wedding captures you and your fiancee’s style.
-DO keep on top of your timeline so you’re not stressed out at the last minute
-DO speak up! If you don’t like a flower your florist is suggesting, let them know! They want you to have your perfect day.
-DO make a Pinterest board with all your favorite wedding images so you can share your vision with your vendors.
-DO your research! If you love Peonies but you’re getting married in September, they won’t be in season!
-DO remember to listen to your groom’s opinion, they can start to feel left out sometimes in the wedding planning.
-DO have fun with it and enjoy this time!



-DON’T let anyone talk you into anything you don’t want, this is your special day-make it exactly what you want
-DON’T go over your budget
-DON’T get stuck in the details, remember to see the big picture
-DON’T lose sight of what this is all about, marrying your best friend!
-DON’T be afraid to delegate responsibility, you can’t do it all!
-DON’T forget to stay healthy and take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual self during your engagement, wedding planning can be stressful and being the best version of yourself can help alleviate any bridezilla moments
-DON’T arrange your own flowers, or bake your own cake, leave it up to the professionals so you can enjoy your special day

Booking a florist or floral designer: Advice from Raquel Harris of R Love Floral.  

Booking a florist and the correct florist for you is a very crucial step in making sure your style and wedding decor is cohesive to your wedding design.  It’s important to decide if you will book a florist or floral designer.  A florist is usually someone who has a store front and specializes in daily deliveries. A floral designer is someone who usually has a private studio and specializes in weddings and events.  Booking a florist allows you to walk in to the flower shop and see fresh flowers and designs you may want to incorporate but they may not have the experience with weddings and events that a floral designer does.  A floral designer usually does not have a floral shop but a private studio instead that you can come to get ideas, look at vases and typically they have more experience in weddings and events.

It’s important when you book a florist or floral designer you look at their work and portfolio ahead of time on their website, Instagram and Facebook.  Does their style look like something similar to what you are trying to achieve at your wedding?  It’s important to meet with at least two different florists to get different ideas of pricing, and to see which one you really relate to and get along with.  Make sure you feel that you connect with all of your vendors and can be open and honest with them.  It’s crucial to making your event perfect and what you envision.

Before you meet with your florist or floral designer it’s important to know the following information so they can give you an accurate estimate of cost and also show you ideas of styles and weddings they have done.  Know what your overall wedding colors or style will be.  Are you doing a spring wedding with a natural style, a colorful summer bohemian wedding, a white winter classic and traditional style wedding?  Have a good solid idea of how many bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and grandparents you will have.  How many guests will you have or estimated total number of guest tables?  Do you want decor both at the ceremony and reception? What is your ideal floral budget?  Make sure to bring inspiration photos to your consultation or send to your florist ahead of time.  Pinterest, magazines, Facebook, and wedding blogs are all great places to start and getting inspiration for your wedding style and design.

Once you meet with your florist make sure to be open and honest with your budget and what you are trying to achieve with your overall floral design.  If the florist suggests ideas you don’t love be open and communicate with what you do like and do not like. I personally really appreciate when brides are open and honest with their likes and dislikes, and then they let me be creative in designing.  Trust your vendors, that’s why you pay the price for good professionals, allow them to be creative and do their best work for you.

Are you having trouble finding vendors?  Referrals are always great, ask your friends, co-workers of family members who they used for their weddings.  Search on google or Instagram for your local photographers, florists, or bakers and look through their portfolios and reviews.  Typically your venue also has a vendor list of preferred and recommended vendors they trust and love.  Last but not least hire a planner and use their referrals!

Don’t forget to save and print this wonderful timeline on booking your vendors from WeddingWire. Even if you’re at the start of the planning process and are looking to book your venue, they’ve got you covered! Check out these beautiful locations in cities like Dallas, New York, and Chicago for inspiration!

 This bad boy is helpful! Make sure to print it off or favorite this page so you can refer to it in your planning and keep yourself on track! Happy planning and let the wedding season begin!