Our team is composed of talented designers, and hard working set-up crews who craft the most beautiful weddings, events, and private soirees. Just needing an arrangement delivered to your special someone? We can do that too! Let R. Love be your personal florist. Whether we are your personal floral designer or the team behind your beautiful wedding or event, we can’t wait to meet you and hear your vision!

About Raquel

Fourth Generation Dallas gal, Raquel, also known as Rocky, comes from a long line of entrepreneurial women. Her great grandmother started Dallas Tortilla & Tamale Factory back in 1950 when few women, especially minority women, had the gumption to do so. Growing up on the shores of Lake Lewisville gave her a true love for all things natural. Raquel spent the days of her childhood painting, dancing, singing, and constantly being inspired by her painter-gardener mother with color, texture, flowers, and artistic flair. You could say her love affair with flowers began at an early age when she started making bouquets for her teachers with flowers on the playground. Her floral design education began in high school where she was inspired by all things flora and decided to study plant biology. After a degree in Biological Anthropology and Botany from The University of Texas, and several years in the hospitality industry working weddings, golf tournaments, large community events, and UIL state championships Raquel began to help friends with their wedding flowers and fell in love with design all over again. In 2010 R. Love Floral was born and Raquel has since traveled the country to study under the top florists in the world to hone her design eye, experiment with texture and explore the world of flowers. While not designing beautiful flowers Raquel loves spending time with her two children and hubby, gardening, golfing, playing tennis, savoring moments with family, and drinking champagne with her friends at any occasion.

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About the Name

Growing up in a creative household, painting and creating artwork was a serious hobby for Raquel. Of course every artist knows you must sign your original artwork! After years of writing Raquel Lovern on all her creations, it was eventually shortened to R LOVE. Years later when naming her business, R. Love Floral was the obvious choice. Just like each piece of art work is unique, so are your flowers. R. Love is not just the name of the business but also the signature that our team puts on each unique floral piece we create!

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